Deck Materials That Look Like Wood

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Looking to build a deck that looks like wood, but isn’t? You’re in luck!

Choosing your new deck material can be a hard decision. Multiple factors make up a deck material, such as the look, the maintenance, and the cost. What if you have a budget for a more expensive deck than the cheapest wood one, and you would really like a wood deck but dread the idea of maintaining it. What are some deck materials that look like wood but don’t come with the maintenance?


Vinyl vs. Composite: Two Deck Materials That Look Like Wood

Vinyl and composite decking are both materials that can have the look of natural wood. The upside to both is that you do not have to maintain it like you would a real wood deck. You don’t have to sand and stain it, and you don’t have to worry about splinters, insect damage, moisture damage, and warping deck boards or railing. These options will last far longer with very minimal care.

The downside to these two materials is that you cannot stain them; in other words, you cannot change their color to your liking. Vinyl and composite deck boards that look like natural wood come in a set of available colors.

Vinyl and composite each have their set of pros and cons. Vinyl is arguably more durable than composite and pricier, but it looks more plasticy. Composite is cheaper, but its composition of wood fibers and plastic makes it more prone to deterioration. High-quality vinyl and composite deck boards alike will help you avoid the pitfalls that come with either material; poor-quality products will naturally deteriorate quicker than high-quality ones.

The best way to determine whether to use vinyl or composite that looks like wood is to see and touch deck samples in person. You could also consider taking samples home and observing how they look at different times of day outdoors.

All in all, you should expect deck materials that look like wood to be just that: deck materials that look like wood but are the real thing. At some level, you might be able to tell that it is not real wood. At a glance and from photos, however, anyone could be fooled. The likeness is better than ever, with gorgeous shades, textures, and grains that give you the appearance of wood without the splinters.

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