Is a Composite Deck Worth It?

Is a Composite Deck Worth It?

Composite decking is worth the money! Find out why!

A composite deck is just one option among your backyard deck materials. The reality is that the material you choose will determine its overall maintenance needs and looks over time, so it is best to know all the pros and cons of your deck material before you build with it. Composite decking is a strong competitor to wood and vinyl for the numerous benefits it offers below. Here is what makes building a composite deck worth it.

Low Maintenance

The low maintenance needs alone make a composite deck worth your money. It may have a higher cost upfront compared to pressure-treated wood, but its durability against stains, mold, insects, harsh weather, and overall weathering make it an overall affordable option. While composite does expand and contract with the weather, it does not do so as much as all natural wood. Overall, these plastic and wood fiber decks are built for heavy-duty use.


If you ever plan to sell your house, a composite deck may make the home more appealing to the average house hunter than not. A wood deck needs routine cleaning, staining, and sealing to keep it in good condition. Although wood structures can last for decades, they do require more maintenance than a composite deck will. Therefore, its low care needs could ease a potential homebuyer’s burden on what they will need to do once they purchase the house.


Another great benefit of composite decking is that you are not wasting any materials. Composite decks are a combination of specialized plastic and recycled wood fibers. It is possible to find decks with 95% recycled wood fibers in them. Ask Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence about where composite deck materials are sourced. If you are looking to reuse and recycle more in your life, building with composite wood could be for you.


Composite decking has the look of natural wood with the feel of a durable, hardy decking material. It can come in a whole range of attractive, neutral colors and mold into countless deck styles. One has flexibility with the composite deck, the ability to customize it as you please. When you have a beautiful composite deck, you will have it for a long time.

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