Backyard Deck Design Trends 2023

Trex Transcend gray deck with black railing two stairs

Elevate your deck with these practical deck trends!

Just like with architecture and interior design, outdoor living spaces have their fair share of trends that come and go. Some backyard deck design trends for 2023 are unique, while others simply make sense for achieving the most efficient and luxurious layout. Which of these backyard deck design trends will you use?

Custom Deck Layouts

The most fundamental deck design is a square or rectangular platform with one set of stairs that takes you down to the backyard. Today, it may be more worth it to invest in a custom deck design. This layout would be tailor-made for your property and give you the amenities you would like. A custom deck can remain relatively simple or be much more complex.

Multi-Level Decks

Multi-level decks are also more popular today. There has been an uptick in searches for multi-level decks, and people are seeing the benefits of having multiple platforms at different levels. It can be good for maximizing your vertical space or a sloping backyard.

Covered Decks

If you do not have room for a double-tiered or cascading deck, you might shade one side of your deck. Some use a pergola, others a gazebo, and others still a screened porch. Shading one half or so of your backyard deck gives you a built-in, sheltered outdoor living space without giving up the sunlight altogether.

Perimeter Seating

Replace the railing on a low elevation deck with built-in perimeter seating, or integrate built-in seating into your railing. There are actually many creative options for integrating deck seating. You can maximize room in your gathering space by lining one zone with comfortable benches or outdoor furniture.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has replaced fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. It is the most efficient option today, using up little energy, shining bright, and lasting a long time. It can take on the look of incandescent light. LED deck lighting provides safety and makes your deck useable at night.

Bold Colors

Some color schemes might trend, and in the backyard deck design trends of 2023, it’s bold colors. You don’t have to make your outdoor seating cushions fire engine red, but pops of bold color add interest.

Efficient Decks

Sustainability is an overarching concern today. Thankfully, you can trust that deck materials like composite and wood come from responsible sources. 

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