Ideal Aluminum Fence Designs

45-1 aluminum fence

Aluminum fences are things of beauty; what’s your ideal aluminum fence design?

Aluminum fences are fancy yet practical. They allow for a wide range of ornate, custom options but are also one of the most economical choices available. They are rust-free, which is especially helpful in the coastal Mid-Atlantic and are built to last. Should anything happen to it, it is possible that the fence warranty will cover the damage costs. So, with all of these practical issues taken care of, what are some ideal aluminum fence designs?

Ideal Aluminum Fence Designs to Consider

Most Popular Aluminum Fence Styles

Flat top: The flat top aluminum fence design has flat horizontal rails on the top and the bottom. This option is very safe for environments where accidents are more likely to happen, such as bars and playgrounds. 

Spearpoint: The spearpoint style with either uniform or staggered picket heights echoes the classic wrought-iron fence look. The spear-like points along the fence top make it a lot harder to climb and aid your home security.

Scalloped: The former two fence styles have flat tops, but scalloped fence panels swoop. This style is far more common with wood, vinyl, and composite fences. You can also find aluminum fences with a scalloped railing detail.

Arched: The same goes for arched aluminum fence panels, but it is easy to find an arched aluminum fence gate design.

Aluminum Fence Panel Designs

Regular: As for the panels themselves, they are typically very regular, with narrow yet strong aluminum pickets with equal spacing.

Puppy picket: The puppy picket style adds extra pickets along the bottom border of each fence panel. It is an extra security measure to protect small animals, like puppies, from escaping.

Custom: Aluminum fence pickets can take on completely custom patterns and motifs. A popular option is a geometric design.

Aluminum Fence Extras

Rings: A circle motif is a popular aluminum fence ornamentation. It can produce a feeling of completeness, community, and unity. These rings would be below the topmost rail.

Finials: Finials are ornamental fence picket caps. They can be fleur-de-lis, arrows, etc., installed either during the manufacturing process or after installation.

Scrolls: Scrollwork elaborates otherwise simple aluminum pickets in a variety of patterns. 

Aluminum Fence Colors

Aluminum fence colors include black, gray, gold, green, white, and brown. Consider how you want the fence to stand out or blend in with your property. You can also install a two-toned fence; a black fence with gold finials or scrolls is a popular option.

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