Do Aluminum Fences Rust?

Do Aluminum Fences Rust?

If iron and steel can rust, does that mean aluminum can too? Find out the truth here!

Aluminum fences and gates are a beautiful, stately addition to any yard that needs durable security. Aluminum fencing is one of the most popular kinds of fence materials in both commercial and residential properties, but some murky questions are lying around it. One of the most commonly asked questions is the following: do aluminum fences rust?

How Iron and Steel Rust

Iron and steel are two metal fencing materials that do rust. What is meant by “rust?” Rust is the name for iron oxide, the flaky orange material that appears when iron and steel corrode. This corrosion happens when water and oxygen impact iron or steel. Both elements are necessary for this chemical reaction to occur.

How Aluminum Fences “Rust”

Aluminum is different from both iron and steel, and does not technically rust. It is impossible for aluminum to rust. On the other hand, it is possible for aluminum fences to corrode in thirteen different ways.

One way that aluminum can corrode is through oxidation. Without the powder coating that protects aluminum fences, this metal will begin to react to the air, forming a thin coating that is even stronger than its original state. In this way, aluminum corrosion is paradoxical. However, when this layer breaks, further deterioration will occur.

The Problem of Pitting

If you live in a coastal area of Maryland where salt is in the air, your aluminum fence could eventually succumb to pitting if the protective coating gets damaged. Pitting corrosion is the formation of little holes in the metal as a result of contact with salt. Minor pitting will not affect the strength of the fence.

How to Prevent Aluminum Corrosion

The best way to prevent aluminum corrosion is to keep it closed off from the air. The solution is simple: paint or spray exposed aluminum with an anti-rust coating or paint and let it dry. One can easily buy such paint from the store or online. Cleaning the fence can also help reduce the chance of corrosion.

Other ways to care for your fence include promoting proper drainage so it does not sit in puddles, not climbing it, and not risking tall, heavy piles from falling against it. Aside from these minimal maintenance tips, there is much to enjoy about your rust-free, durable aluminum fence!

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