Aluminum vs. Steel Fencing

Aluminum vs. Steel Fencing

For security and beauty, aluminum and steel are both fantastic options. Which might be better for you?

Today, there are four main fencing options for homeowners: wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. Commercial properties can also benefit from these options but likely need the sturdier materials. While wood and vinyl have their benefits, aluminum and steel have advantages that put them above the other two, depending on your priorities for a fence. These two are similar materials that offer protection, cost-effectiveness, and beauty. Here are the differences between aluminum vs. steel fencing.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is a fantastic choice if you are looking for stunning beauty, affordability, and protection. Aluminum comes in a greater variety of colors than steel does, making it more capable of fitting in with the aesthetics of your property. Besides color, manufacturers can form a wide range of ornamental designs to fit with your style. Practically, aluminum is a sturdy material that can last for decades. It requires very little maintenance, as it is free from rusting like iron and warping like wood. It will last especially long if an owner keeps it and its gate from excess weight. The material is also lightweight, making it more affordable and easy to install.

Steel Fencing

Steel fencing has similar characteristics, although its cost is higher, and its strength is more exceptional. It is highly durable and resists impact damage, whereas aluminum may be subject to dents and bending if the force is great enough. Steel can last a lifetime. Like aluminum, it also requires perhaps as little maintenance as a powerwash from time to time. Steel does rust, but with powder coating, it is safe from that risk. It is a heavier material, so the cost is higher. If you live in a residential area or have a commercial property that requires a high level of security, steel is the fence material for you. Still, protection is not the only benefit steel offers. Although black and bronze are perhaps the two main colors one can choose, steel can be as ornamental or modern as one likes. It is not only durable but beautiful as well. 

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