Signs You Need a New Pool Fence

Signs You Need a New Pool Fence

Is it time to get a new fence for your swimming pool?

Pool fences, whether residential or commercial, are necessary safety features by law. Every year, pool accidents happen; small kids or animals can fall in by accident. Therefore, having a pool fence that is in good shape is essential for maintaining a safe swimming pool. How do you know if you need a new pool fence? Below are the signs for each type of pool fence material.


Aluminum is one of the best pool fence materials you can have. It is highly durable and very low-maintenance. However, if you notice any deterioration of the material, leaning fence panels, or a gate that doesn’t latch properly, you will either need to get repairs or a replacement. While aluminum does not rust in the way that iron might, moisture can cause aluminum to deteriorate over a longer span of time.


Wood fences are fitting for some residential and commercial swimming pools. Unlike aluminum fencing, wood fencing can give you privacy. However, you will need to maintain the wood fence, replacing wood pickets and cleaning and sealing the fence as necessary. If the majority of the fence is rotting, shrinking, warping, etc., you likely need a new pool fence.


Vinyl is another acceptable pool fence material that provides long-lasting durability and little maintenance. However, over time, it can begin to discolor and even develop mold or mildew growth. Vinyl fences may also be susceptible to holes or minor damage, which one can repair. If your vinyl fence is not looking in good shape, it might be time for a replacement.


Lastly, if privacy is not a concern, you might have a chain-link pool fence. You’ll know if you need a new pool fence if your chain-link fence is rusting, leaning, or failing to function anymore. If you cannot properly latch the gate or if you can shake the fence, it’s best to consider getting a new one. If you need an estimate for your fence in Maryland, call Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence and check out this review of one of their latest pool fence projects!

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