Where Should a Screened Porch Be Placed?

Screened Porch Installation in Gambrills, MD

Wondering where to put your screened porch? Here’s how you can decide.

A screened porch is the most indoor-like of any outdoor living space. It is entirely like an indoor room, except that it is without central heating or cooling and has screens for windows that let in the breeze. If your home does not have one, but you would love to add one, the first questions to ask would be about location. Where should a screened porch be placed on your property?


What is the purpose of your screened porch? Your intended use for it will influence its placement greatly. It will affect how much light it gets, what room it connects to, and how you furnish it, and how private or public it is. 

Traffic Flow

Overall, the screened porch should give you smooth access between the backyard and the house. It will not cause traffic jams between one room and the other, and in an emergency, you know that you can swiftly make it outside again. 

The traffic flow should also be conducive to its purpose; if you intend many guests to use it, you will need them to flow into it from another high-traffic room like the living room, dining room, or kitchen.


Some porches are meant for connecting with neighbors, while others are strictly private sanctuaries. Screened porches naturally have some privacy because of the screens, but even so, their placement will make them more or less accessible and visible to the public.

Lighting & Heat

Consider how the light hits your potential screened porch location throughout the day. Some will get morning light, some will get afternoon light, some will be relatively shaded throughout the day (north-facing,) and some will be sunny all day long (south-facing.) The exposure to natural light can also affect how hot it gets in the summer. 

Wind Direction

Also, take note of the wind direction at that spot. Which way does the wind tend to blow? This observation will influence where you place your fire pit and grill, as well as which wall you might want to add some wind protection.

Where Should You Place Your Screened Porch?

Now you have a good idea of what to think about when choosing where to place your screened porch. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence in Gambrills, MD!

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