Tips for Creating an Ornamental Fence

Tips for Creating an Ornamental Fence

An ornamental fence adds beauty and security to a home. Check out these design tips!

A new fence can provide security and privacy, but it can have an aesthetic advantage as well. Decorative fences help not only guard the house but also make it more beautiful for the sake of making it beautiful. Even so, the most ornamental fences on the market are also highly secure, believe it or not. Below are a few tips on creating an ornamental fence for your home

Aluminum or Steel

An ornamental fence is typically a metal one, such as wrought iron. Everyone knows the beauty and intricate details of a classic wrought-iron fence. The downside of those Old World fences is that they eventually rust. If you want a beautiful metal fence that also provides durable security, aluminum and steel are the metals of choice today. 

Aluminum is lightweight, strong, and can come in multiple colors. Maintenance is minimal; the most one will need to do is to wash it once a year and make sure not to put extensive pressure against it. 

Steel fences are a little denser than aluminum ones, but they also offer more durability. Steel fences also need very little maintenance; however, they come in fewer colors. Both aluminum and steel can adhere to countless fence designs.

Fence Designs

It is best to look up various fence designs online or in a catalog. You can also visit Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence in Gambrills, MD, to see what our options are. Ornamental fences can be standard or custom, but among the standard options, there are already many style choices. Fence panels can be straight, arched, or curved, and the metal rails can be uniform, staggered, or ornamented. Let Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence help you with your ornamental fence design!

Brick or Stone Columns

One option for creating an ornamental fence is to install brick or natural stone columns in between each metal fence panel. Columns like these create a sense of solidness and stability that is unique. Nothing is quite like a brick or stone fence!

Ornamental Fence Gate

Some homeowners may choose to use aluminum or steel for the gate only. Brick or stone columns may flank the gate. This option creates a beautiful outdoor feature and entryway into the property. Contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence to get started on your ornamental fence project!

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