How Is Vinyl Fencing Made?

How Is Vinyl Fencing Made?

Vinyl fencing has a unique combination of materials to make the durable fence that it is.

Vinyl fencing is just one of the options for residential and commercial fences alike in the Mid-Atlantic region. Wood, composite, steel, and aluminum are other popular options. What makes vinyl so special? People love their vinyl fences due to their low maintenance needs, beauty, and cost. The difference also comes down to its ingredients. How is vinyl fencing made? Here, you will find the answer.

Two Methods of Vinyl Fence Production

There are actually two main methods concerning how vinyl fencing is made, both of which produce more or less similar results. Both kinds start with polyvinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC plastic. 75% of all PVC plastic has its use in the construction industry. It is well-known and proven to be a highly durable material, perfect for fencing.

PVC plastic can become fencing material through mono-extrusion or co-extrusion. In the first process, the manufacturer infuses a UV light inhibiting chemical into and around the plastic. In co-extrusion, a UV inhibitor-infused PVC plastic coats an interior layer of reinforced PVC plastic.  

Other Ingredients in Vinyl Fencing

Titanium dioxide is an additional ingredient that coats the exterior. It can protect the vinyl from discoloring and yellowing due to the elements. In past decades, discoloration was a common imperfection of vinyl fences as they aged. Today, they last longer due to titanium dioxide. Acrylic impact modifiers can help strengthen the vinyl and prevent cracks.

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

The result of PVC plastic, UV inhibitors, acrylic impact modifiers, and titanium dioxide is a vinyl fence! Vinyl fences have outstanding low maintenance needs. All you might need to do is to wash it down with a hose or possibly treat it for mold or mildew. Even so, a well-maintained fence can last you for many years with no issue.

Vinyl fences are relatively affordable as well. They might cost more to purchase than wood fences, but they last a long time with less maintenance than wood fences. At the end of the day, the price between wood and vinyl fences could even out. 

One can make vinyl fences into virtually any style. If there is a fence style you like, you likely can have it in vinyl.

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