Built-In Deck Benches: Creative Ideas

Built-In Deck Benches: Creative Ideas

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The most fundamental way to enjoy a brand new deck is by sitting on it. You don’t want to sit on the floor, of course, so you will need seating. Outdoor furniture is versatile, something you can change out when it gets old. However, built-in deck benches might look like the more practical alternative. Below are several creative ideas for built-in deck benches to consider.

Are Built-In Deck Benches Worth It?

Built-in deck benches help to free much precious space on your deck so you get the most use out of it. Wood or composite deck benches are also maintenance-free, requiring only as much maintenance as the deck itself. In other words, you won’t have to worry about moving them on and off the floor every spring and fall. If you plan on creating a specific seating area on your deck, a built-in feature could be the most practical and space-saving. After all, a bench can seat far more people than a set of chairs.

Backless Bench

The simplest type of bench you could install is a backless bench. Even without back support, a regular bench is comfortable and can blend in with the design seamlessly. You can also add a storage compartment underneath it for added functionality. Your deck bench could form countless configurations, including L-shaped, U-shaped, and curved. 

Bench with Back

If a backless bench isn’t your style, you could install the same type of seating with a back. Bench backs can come in a myriad of designs, and Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can help you select the best. Otherwise, you can show them a design of your dreams. If you can dream it up or see it in a magazine, they can build it!

Bench with Planter Box

While built-in deck benches with storage are highly popular, you can also consider adding a built-in planter box to the back or sides of the seating as well. If you are a gardener at heart, a built-in garden box is a great way to grow flowers or herbs every year. At the very least, you can always have color and nature on the deck.

Multi-Level Benches

Who said you could only get one bench? If your deck has multiple levels, perhaps multiple built-in seating solutions is for you. Once again, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can help you come up with a sound, functional, and beautiful design.

Floating Benches

Floating benches are the equivalent to your stylish floating bathroom vanity or floating shelves. Built into the deck railing, these benches give your deck a clean-cut, airy feel. To see what Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can do for you, call, email, or visit their Gambrills showroom!

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