Using Multi-Level Decks to Your Advantage

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A multi-level deck can give your outdoor living space new dimensions to your advantage.

If you are planning on building a new deck or replacing an old one, you have a ton of designs that you could bring to life. Ideally, the deck will adhere to the house and the land, proportionate and fulfilling its purposes. A multi-level deck is appropriate if you want to achieve several goals. Here’s how to use multi-level decks to your advantage to fulfill your outdoor living space dreams.

Using Multi-Level Decks to Achieve:

Separate Outdoor Living Zones

Sinking or rising one part of the floor instantly creates two different spaces. Even a single step can completely change a deck’s layout. Naturally, the deck’s levels will cascade from the back door to the backyard. If you want to make clear distinctions between different zones, creating multiple levels is a great way to do it.

Cozier Outdoor Living Spaces

Furniture arrangement can create smaller, cozier spaces on a deck, but creating multiple levels also achieves this. You could have one level for sitting, one for dining and grilling, or another for relaxing in the hot tub. Each platform instantly gives you a smaller and therefore cozier space to work with.

Easy Traffic Flow to the Backyard

Multiple deck levels make it easier for people to go from the back door to the backyard, especially if the deck has a high elevation. You can make the most of the space with multiple levels leading to the bottom. In other cases, a second, lower level can enable you to use cascading stairs to give you the biggest range for accessing the backyard.

Connect Upstairs to Downstairs

Does your house design call for an upper deck and a lower deck? We have experience building “double-decker” decks, with one story directly above the other, connected by deck stairs. For homes with this framework, multi-level decks only make sense.

What Are Your Deck Goals?

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can help you design and install a beautiful deck in Maryland that fulfills your outdoor living goals. Have a place for the grill, the hot tub, outdoor dining, and more, along with a range of features like built-in stereo, deck lighting, and built-in seating and planters. The deck can be as simple or outfitted as you’d like; begin your deck design process with us!

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