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Signs You Need a Deck Replacement

Signs You Need a Deck Replacement

At some point, decks need replacing. How can you tell when it’s necessary?

Some Maryland homes or townhomes come with a deck in the original construction, allowing homeowners to immediately enjoy the benefits of an outdoor living space. Over time, however, the structure will lose its integrity and need an entire replacement instead of just repairs. A worn-down deck is no light matter; stepping out onto one could mean collapse. Call a reputable fence and deck company if your deck shows any of the following signs.

Extensive Damage

Whether your deck is wood, vinyl, aluminum, or composite, extensive damage can occur. If mold or surface damage build up on the deck, replacing a few boards may not be enough at that point. Crumbling, soft boards are not safe. Even so, warping wood can be normal for Maryland decks, although the damage ought to be minimal.  

Damage Underneath

Damage can also happen underneath the deck boards. Even vinyl decks can rot over time and become soft or start to crack. If you see discoloration or severe staining on or under your deck, there may be a serious underlying problem.

Foundational Damage

You may also need a deck replacement if you see rot or erosion around the posts or the base. Once any deterioration of the foundation starts, it is likely to spread. The cement base may have cracked, or the posts may have mold, but whatever the problem is, a homeowner should immediately cease to use the deck and replace it as soon as possible.

Separation from the House

Should anything happen to the foundation, there may be consequences. One of the most common and hazardous deck problems in the United States has been decks that become detached from the house. If this happens, someone could trip over the threshold or the deck could shortly collapse.

Wobbling Beams

Besides stains and softness, the surface of your deck may show obvious signs of damage through its appearance and bearing. If the beams are warped and wobbly, or sway when you step on them, step off and call your local deck and fence company. 

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