Ways to Add Plants to Your Deck

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Plants give life to a backyard deck; here’s how you can liven your deck this spring.

As spring emerges and flowers begin to bloom in Maryland, our minds begin to turn outdoors again and all the outdoor activities we could enjoy. Gardening is one hobby you might love; even if you don’t garden, there is no denying how plants can liven up any space. As you enjoy time outdoors on your backyard deck, you can add plants to your deck to bring it more beauty and character.

Deck Rail Planters

Deck rail planters sit either directly over a deck railing or hang on one side, usually the interior side. This type of planter is a great way to liven your deck without taking up much space at all. You can find deck railing planters that match your deck railing material or complement it.

Built-In Floor Planters

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can customize your deck according to your preferences. One of the customizations we offer is built-in deck planters. These can sit at strategic places on your deck, such as on either side of the deck stairs, beside built-in seating, or at the corners. You can’t find a more stately planter option than a built-in!

Vertical Planters

In recent years, vertical planters have been a showstopper in homes and gardens alike. They save space and are an opportunity to create privacy on your deck. You could go with a tiered planter or a living green wall system.

Hanging Planters

It is easy to install hanging planter hooks on the outside of your home or on an outdoor feature such as a gazebo or pergola. After that is done, you can select beautiful plants that fit your home’s style to hang in the hanging baskets. They will look even better if the plants cascade over the sides.

Tabletop Pots

You can also go a long way by just setting a simple potted plant on an outdoor side table or dining table. It could be the table’s centerpiece. Clustered near deck railing planters or built-in planters, it will look full and stunning.

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