Tips for Protecting a New Wood Deck

Fall Leaves and Your Deck

Keep your wood deck looking new with these maintenance tips.

Autumn is a great time to tackle outdoor home improvement projects. The weather is mild and beautiful; why not spend time outdoors and do something productive simultaneously? You could also use that outdoor time to cook on the grill or relax with a book. If you have a wood deck, then you will want to keep up with it so you can enjoy the weather outdoors. Tackle these tips for protecting a new wood deck this fall!

Apply a Sealant or Stain as Needed

The best way to protect a new wood deck is to seal it as needed. You will know if you need to seal your deck when the wood absorbs any water instead of repelling it. Make sure that the stain you use includes a sealing/waterproofing element. You will want to clean your deck, let it dry, and evenly apply the sealant to have the best result.

Sweep It Regularly

Leaves and dirt can stain and damage your wood deck. Fall leaves can leave a tannin, a brown stain that leaches out of them when wet. When fall leaves begin to gather on your wood deck, it is best to sweep them off before it rains. The sealant will help to keep any tannin from sticking to your wood.

Keep It Clean and Mold-Free

Sometimes, the deck might not need sealing, but it would sure help if it was clean. Mold and dirt will make your deck dark and slippery; if there is mold, you can use a commercial deck cleaner that deals with mold specifically. You can either clean your deck manually or with a pressure washer; make sure to keep the pressure setting low enough to preserve the wood!

Inspect for Damage

It doesn’t hurt to inspect your deck for damage now and again. You never know what you might notice, such as splinters, insect damage, or groundhogs living under your deck. Look over the structural posts, the joists, the stairs, and the railing.

Use Mats for Grills and Firepits

Do you use a grill or a firepit on your wood deck? You can easily find grill mats and firepit mats no matter what type of deck you have. Preserve your deck from scorch marks with these mats.

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