How to Keep Animals from Under Your Deck

How to Keep Animals from Under Your Deck

There are several ways to prevent critters from making a home under your deck.

It is that time of year again when everyone is taking advantage of the warming season and getting outdoors. While it’s relaxing to sit in the sun, take in the fresh air, and listen to the birds sing, there are a few things to avoid too. For instance, as wild critters begin to emerge after winter, they want to look for a new place to call home. Unfortunately, under your deck is a favorable place for many animals, particularly rodents. Here’s how to keep these creatures out from under your deck for good.

A Note of Caution

Before sealing up the space under the deck, check to make sure that no animals are presently living under there. While you don’t want a proliferation of squirrels, rabbits, or groundhogs under your outdoor living space, you also don’t want to close them up where they can’t escape. One way to make sure is to sprinkle flour or stuff newspaper at the entrance and see if it gets disturbed after a few days. If something is living underneath, call an animal removal service to take the critters from the site humanely.

Clean It Out

Once the site is clear of life, check to see the condition of the space. If you notice debris like dead leaves, cardboard boxes, and papers scattered about the area, clean it out so that rodents will not want to nest within there again. Also, keep rainwater flowing away from the deck and store trash bins elsewhere.

Deck Skirting Galore

The simplest way to shut rodents out from under your deck is to create a barrier called a deck skirting. Lattices traditionally fit the bill and give a pleasant look to any backyard deck. They can be vinyl, wood, composite, or any other material that matches the decking material. 

Alternatively, one can push their creative boundaries and choose from an infinite array of deck skirting materials and designs. Vertical boards, horizontal boards, etched designs, and much more are possible. Some deck owners solidify the bottom with a stone or cement foundation underneath. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has their own fence and deck building equipment at their location in Gambrills, Maryland. If you have an idea, MAD Fence may be able to bring it to life. 

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