How to Spring Clean Your Wood Deck

How to Spring Clean Your Wood Deck

The time has come to enjoy the deck once again! Make it spring-ready with these tips.

As the weather warms, homeowners anticipate enjoying the deck and backyard once again. Spending even a few minutes outdoors has plenty of benefits, and the earlier one can step outside, the better. While it is still relatively cool, pick a sunny day and spring clean your wood deck through the following guidelines.

Clean Off Debris

First, remove the old debris of last year from the deck. While this may seem like a straightforward task, one must remember that the deck will not be clean unless it is totally clean. That means that every surface, whether it is hard to reach, or under the grill, needs to get the spring clean treatment. Removing everything from your deck before cleaning will keep dirt and debris from accumulating over the years.

Pressure Wash

Next, to fully remove the grime, you’ll need to find a suitable pressure washer and cleaning agent for your wood deck. Be careful to follow the directions and not set the washer at too high a power. Doing so can damage the wood. It is best not to use bleach, since it may corrode the wood as well.

Remove Damaged Parts

Check over your deck for signs of rot. Some signs include staining, soft wood, splintering, and loose screws. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to cut off the rotten part and replace with suitable wood. If there is warping, you may have to replace any damaged boards. Keep off the deck at once if you suspect damage to the supporting beams or throughout the entire structure.

Stain and Seal

While staining and sealing are tasks to do only every one-and-a-half to three years, one should keep the schedule to that time frame lest damage occurs that cannot be undone. For example, if your wood deck gets full sun, it will need staining and sealing more often due to the sun’s penetrating rays.

Check the Railing

The wind, snow, and rain can take their toll on a wood deck. The wear and tear can result in loose screws, which is another issue to look out for when checking over your deck in the spring. Check the railing to see that nothing is loose, or else you may have a safety hazard on your hands. Tighten loose screws and make sure everything fits snugly together. Then, it’s time to bring out the deck furnishings and enjoy!

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