How to Prevent Warped Deck Boards

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Is your deck beginning to look worn? Prevent warped deck boards with these tips!

Warped deck boards are not uncommon, but they sure are unsightly! They can also be dangerous, especially if they are subtle, sticking up from the deck in a traffic path. Deck boards can warp in different ways, too. No matter what kind of warping it is, it is best to replace or fix your warped deck boards as soon as possible. How can you prevent warped deck boards from happening again? Here are a few tips to consider.

Common Causes of Warped Deck Boards


Moisture is one of the biggest foes of any wood deck, and it can be problematic in various ways. One way is when it floods the deck due to improper drainage. The deck must have enough space between itself and the house and between the deck boards for water to drain properly. You must also install deck flashing to prevent moisture buildup. High humidity is another threat to a wood deck’s longevity, but in Maryland, this condition cannot be helped.

Temperature Fluctuations

It is also hard to control temperature fluctuations. You might have an erratic summer or winter day in Maryland, but overall, the temperatures change more or less smoothly. Even so, the changing temperature will cause the deck boards to expand and contract. Eventually, repairs become inevitable.

Incorrect Installation

Something you can control is the deck installation. For the best results, hire a professional deck builder with a great reputation in your area. A local deck builder will also have more experience working on properties similar to yours.

How to Prevent Warped Deck Boards

Use the Best Wood

You can prevent warped deck boards by design. Use high-quality wood; never use untreated wood. Pressure-treated pine can last for a long time, as can cedar and exotic hardwoods. Choose a lumber grade that is at least middle-range.

Install the Deck Properly

As mentioned, you can avoid a lot of deck problems by installing it correctly. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence is able to make your deck a low-maintenance outdoor living space from the start.

Keep It Clean

The deck will also stay in good condition with diligent maintenance. Wood decks should be kept clean; sweeping, hosing, and occasional deep cleaning will be enough to keep it looking great.

Protect It from Harsh Weather

Another vital tip is to seal your wood deck every few years, especially when it starts absorbing moisture rather than repelling it. It might not be possible to prevent warped deck boards entirely, but this is one of the surest ways to minimize the risk.

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