Why Fall Is the Best Time to Build a Deck

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Discover what makes fall the best time to build a deck for your home.

Have you spent the summer hanging out in other people’s yards, dreaming of the day when you have your own beautiful deck to host summer cookouts and family gatherings? Every year, you think about it in the “offseason” but don’t quite get around to it when the time is right, and then, before you know it, the summer is gone! Well, don’t put it off any longer. You don’t need to wait until spring to install your beautiful new dream deck. You can and should build it in the fall. In fact, the fall is the best time to build a deck. Read on to learn why.

Good Ground Conditions

Part of the reason that fall is the best time to build a deck is that the conditions of the ground and the plants already in your yard are better. During the spring, these plants are spending all their energy trying to grow, so disrupting that with construction can be terrible. Likewise, in the summer, they spend all their time trying to manage the stress of the summer heat. In the fall, most plants are much more resilient and better able to handle the impact of a large construction project nearby. Additionally, the fall tends to be drier than the spring, so heavy rains are less likely to slow the process, and muddy ground conditions are less likely to be a problem.

Shorter Waitlists And Possibility Of Special Deals

Most people assume spring and summer are the correct times to build a deck, so most people book during those periods. This means that you either have to book early and wait or sit on a waitlist and hope someone cancels. Fewer people think about building their outdoor living spaces in the fall because they’re busy planning the shift back inside for the coming winter. This means you can much more easily book an appointment and get your deck with shorter lead times (and less demand driving up the cost of materials). Additionally, since the fall tends to be a slow period, you may even find deck and fencing contractors who offer fall specials, saving you even more money.

Relaxed Pace And Gorgeous Weather

Getting a deck built in the spring or summer, when everyone else is doing the same, can make the project feel rushed and hectic. Everyone has so much to do, and it might not give you the space you need to make the right choices for your space. The fall season has a more relaxed pace. The beautiful fall weather is also perfect for spending time on your deck, so if you get it built this season, you can still enjoy using it this year. 

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