Best Location for a Grill on a Wood Deck

grill on a wood rectangular low elevation deck

Where’s the best spot for your backyard grill?

If you are planning on grilling up a storm during the holiday season and summer cookouts, you will need a strategic place to put your backyard grill. If you are putting it on a wood deck, you will also need to take special care. Here are our tips to find the best location for a grill on a wood deck.

Where to Put a Grill on a Wood Deck

The Highest Deck Level

If you have a multi-tiered deck, place your grill on the highest level. That way, the smoke will blow over people’s heads instead of wafting up toward them.

Close Enough to the House

Keep the grill as close to your kitchen as you can. It should not be take a journey to get your raw meats, vegetables, etc., from the kitchen to the grill. 

Far Away Enough from the House

At the same time, the grill should be far away enough from the house that it does not cause vinyl siding or metal gutters to melt or cause an ember to ignite your home. It is recommended to keep your grill as far away from the house as you can, but not too far.

Based on Wind Direction

See what the regular wind patterns are in your area. Which direction does wind typically blow? If possible, place your grill so that the wind carries smoke away from the house and gathering areas. If it is not possible, create a wind shield.

Not Blocking Views

Does your backyard have a lovely view out onto a garden, a green lawn, or a landscape beyond your property? Make sure the grill is not blocking the view; keep it to one side of your outdoor living area.

Far Away Enough from Deck Railings

Do not let the grill touch wood deck railings. Give it space so that it won’t catch fire.

Provide Some Shade

Who wouldn’t like a little shade and shelter as they grill on the deck? See how much shade your wood deck gets throughout the day and pick a nice, shady spot for your grill if room allows.

Not Under Tree Branches

Yes, the complication is that you ought to avoid putting it under tree branches, which could catch fire from the smoke or sparks that arise from it.

In a Well-Ventilated Spot

While it is okay to place your grill under a pergola or pavilion, it should still be in the open air so it has plenty of ventilation.

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