Everything to Know About Residential Fences

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Learn all about residential fences in this overview!

There is a lot to know about residential fences. Over the years, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has broadcast various helpful information about what design options are available, what fence maintenance looks like, the costs, the laws, and more. Here, we have boiled down everything to know about residential fences into one summary. If you have any questions, please find more in-depth information on our website or ask Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence in Gambrills, MD!

Residential Fence Designs



Among wood fences, you can find different kinds of lumber, including (from least expensive to most expensive) pressure-treated pine, cedar, cypress, and exotic hardwoods like Ipe and Mahogany. 


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic fences can resist insects, mold, and UV light without warping, cracking, discoloring, or rotting. If it is built right, vinyl and all fences can withstand high winds, too!


Composite fences are made of wood fibers and plastic. They often look like wood but are more durable against moisture and insects.


Aluminum is the new wrought iron. With the same look but lighter in weight, it is sturdy, elegant, and low-maintenance.


The most common form of steel fences would be the chain-link fence. This classic will get the job done!


Fences styles vary by material. You can customize the following fence parts:

  • The pickets: Individual pickets can have detailing along and at the top.
  • The fence panels: Fence panel tops can be straight, arched, scalloped, or staggered.
  • The fence post caps: Fence post caps are more 3D than picket tops and tend to be more ornamental.
  • The fence gate(s): Flank with stone or masonry columns or add a simple cut-out decoration. Alternatively, have it match your fence to a tee.


Wood fences can be stained or painted various colors, while the other fence materials come in different neutral colors including white, gray, tan, black, green, gold, dark red, dark blue, or a combination.

Residential Fence Maintenance

All fences benefit from routine cleaning with a hose, but wood fences also need some touching up with a sander and resealing every few years. 

Other fences just need a good wash with a pressure washer (not too much pressure) now and then. Be sure to keep tall, heavy stacks away from fences and keep people from putting a lot of force or weight on them.

Residential Fence Requirements

Research to see if you need a permit to build your new fence. Have a land surveyor determine your exact property boundary lines and know the local rules for your fence design and location. For instance, you may not be able to build a fence taller than 6 feet or in your front yard. It also doesn’t hurt to let the neighbors know that fencework will be done if their homes border your property.

Residential Fence Costs

The average fence installation cost is over $25,500 in 2023, but the cost will greatly depend on the fence’s materials, length, and the installation difficulty. Ask Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence for an estimate!

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