Everything to Know About Backyard Decks

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Here’s our summary of everything having to do with decks!

A backyard deck can be a magical place to be. It’s a place where families can make memories with friends and family. If you are in the market to build a new deck, there are quite a lot of different details, which Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has discussed over the years. We’ve compiled a summary of everything to know about backyard decks here.

Backyard Deck Designs


Backyard decks have different elevations: low elevation, mid-elevation, and high elevation. You can learn more about them on our website. There are also floating decks, which might be considered low-elevation, as well as multi-level decks.

Attached or Detached

Some decks are attached to the house via a ledger board, while others are freestanding but next to the house like an attached deck. Each has its pros and cons.


You can find these deck material options:

  • Wood: Pressure-treated pine, cedar, and Ipe are popular types of lumber for wood decks.
  • Composite: Composite decking is a mixture of recycled wood fibers and plastic for a more durable material than natural wood.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is PVC plastic, which is able to withstand the elements and last in great condition for a long time.
  • Metal deck railing: Some deck designs use aluminum rails or cable railing. It fortifies the failing and helps preserve views. You can even use glass panels to preserve backyard deck views.


  • Regular: A regular deck will be square or rectangular. It gets the job done, helping you go to and from the back door and the yard.
  • Custom: A custom deck layout has a shape fit for your yard and home to create the most efficient space around and on the deck.


  • Pergola
  • Pagoda/pavilion
  • Gazebo
  • Screened porch
  • Built-in benches
  • Built-in planters
  • Hot tub, stereo system, etc.

Backyard Deck Maintenance

Maintenance will depend on the deck’s material. Concerning wood decks, you will need to reseal them every few years to protect them from moisture and restore their original color. Eventually, you may need to replace warped or rotted deck parts. Otherwise, you can inspect all parts and clean them as necessary.

Deck Permit

In general, you will always need to get a permit to build your deck in Maryland. Your deck builder can take care of this step for you, though, so don’t worry.

Backyard Deck Costs

Backyard deck costs differ greatly depending on the material, size, and complexity. Decks can cost close to $10k-$30k, but please get a few estimates to get a better idea of how much your ideal backyard deck would actually cost!

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