Stone and Brick Fence Columns

white aluminum fence with stone columns

Brick and stone fence columns can complete your fence!

Fences come in all shapes and sizes, but at the end of the day, they create a wall around your home to keep boundaries clear. Fences differ from walls in that they consist of multiple connected panels with boards or rails. Some are as spindly as a split-rail fence, and some are as robust as an aluminum fence with stone or brick columns. Have you yet thought about stone or brick fence columns for your new fence? 

Stone vs. Brick

If you want to use masonry columns in your residential fence, you can use either stone or brick. Stone fence columns are typically a light gray or mixed palette; they tend to be heavier and more expensive than brick. Of course, they may also be stronger. 

On the other hand, brick fence columns are a traditional red and can help you save while still looking classic. Brick fence columns or walls are highly historical and beautiful.

Wood, Vinyl, Composite, and Aluminum

It is normal to see stone or brick fence columns paired with aluminum or wrought iron fence panels. Aluminum is a wonderful option, and its strength matches well with that of brick or stone. It creates a very classic, sturdy fence for your home or swimming pool.

However, that option is not the only one. You could actually still save quite a bit of money and pair these columns with wood fencing. When maintained well, wood fences can last for decades.

For a more low-maintenance fence, you can go with vinyl or composite. They can take on different styles and colors to pair beautifully with your brick or stone fence columns and be a sturdy home border.

Variations on Stone and Brick Fence Columns

What are some stone and brick fence column design ideas?

  • Masonry fence columns flanking the fence gate only
  • Masonry fence columns replacing all fence posts
  • Low masonry fence wall with a shorter fence mounted on top
  • Masonry fence columns with a fence gate of a different material from the fence panels

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