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When you build a new fence, you are building a border that should last for decades. It shouldn’t just do that, though. It should also be ready to withstand the unexpected, take on forces that would knock others out, and still protect your property after all is done and said. You might have seen fences that fall over in stretches because one point was affected. However, a durable fence would not do that. Build a strong fence with Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence in Maryland, and learn more about what makes a wooden fence strong.

Parts of a Strong Fence

Hardy Materials

You need to start with the best materials. While different grades of lumber exist, your fence material should be of standard quality. It should be pressure-treated pine, cedar, an exotic hardwood like Ipe, composite, vinyl, aluminum, or steel. Any of these many options are great when applied the right way. In and of themselves, they will last you for at least two decades with proper care.

Exterior-Grade Hardware

There is a difference between metal hardware that is for indoor vs. outdoor applications. Exterior-grade hardware for fences will withstand the pressures of humidity, snow, and rain. They are durable enough to endure harsh winds and weather. These pieces connect fences together and are essential to their structural integrity.

Strong Fence Posts

Fence posts are the points at which the fence has its foundation. Fence posts hold their ground in concrete-filled holes. Without the concrete filling, they can topple over due to changes in the soil. A strong foundation will keep your fence secure. 

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence Testimonial

What’s the proof? A Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence customer shares a testimony:

“Love my fence! It has been beautiful since May of 2014. I had a neighbor’s large tree branch fall on it and the only section damaged was the section hit. The posts held the other sections of fencing. I had Mid-Atlantic come out and replace that section and I’m good as new. I also lost an above-ground pool one season and the fence held even though 15,000 gallons of water went flying toward it. Mid-Atlantic does wonderful work!”

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