Is it Rude to Install a Privacy Fence?

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Many ask, “Is it rude to install a privacy fence?” Not at all!

We are often asked if it’s rude to install a privacy fence. We’ll get to the short answer quickly: no, it is not rude to install a privacy fence. It’s within your right, and there are even times when you might be required to do so. That said, installing a privacy fence may cause some issues between you and your neighbors.

However, while it might not be rude to install a privacy fence, there are some best practices that help avoid any potential issues and to keep your neighbors happy. The big key here is to keep lines of communication open; if they have an issue, it can become an issue for you, too. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when installing a privacy fence that may impact your neighbors.

Avoid Purposeless Fences

While you might be allowed to install a privacy fence for no reason at all, it’s generally best practice to have a clear and acceptable reason for installing one. That can range from creating a boundary for kids or pets or just because you think one of your neighbors is watching you too often. Just make sure you go into the process with a clear sense of why you’re installing your privacy fence and what benefits you’re looking for by doing so. That way, everyone will be happier with the outcome of your privacy fence installation.

Don’t Block Neighbors’ Views

There are often regulations in place to prevent you from building a fence that’s too tall and will obscure the views other people have. That said, you still want to be mindful of what your neighbor’s visibility looks like and whether or not you’re impacting their ability to enjoy a good view. If you go too tall, you can even block out sunlight and airflow from a neighbor’s yard, which isn’t very nice to do. 

Tall fences in the front yard can even be a safety hazard since it prevents traffic visibility. When a fence is too high, your neighbor has a right to complain about it, and you may be forced to remove your fence. Avoid this by installing a properly sized fence from day one.

Make Sure Your Fence is Maintained

No one wants to have an unsightly fence in view. If you’re going to install a privacy fence, it’s important that you take the steps to maintain it and keep it looking good. Similarly, make sure your design isn’t unsightly from the beginning. Stick to traditional-looking fence designs and let your contractor help figure out how to incorporate it into the overall look of your landscape.

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