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How to prevent Turkey Fryer Fires on your Deck

The holiday season is underway. It’s a good time to touch base on home safety/fire safety as we approach Thanksgiving. If you plan on frying your turkey, you need to know the best turkey frying safety practices.

Deep fried turkeys are delicious and highly recommended by top chefs like Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse. Fried Turkey has become a Thanksgiving favorite because using a turkey fryer locks in the juice and flavor of the Thanksgiving turkey for a succulent meal. You won’t get this level of quality from an oven-baked turkey.

When frying a turkey on your deck, you should always have someone attending the fryer to prevent a turkey fryer fire from happening. Make the turkey watching a family affair by having the deep-frying of the Thanksgiving turkey be a social gathering.

You should never deep-fry a turkey indoors. The safest place to deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey is outside, away from your home and any combustible materials stored in your backyard. The turkey fryer should always be positioned on a flat surface such as an outdoor table.

Be sure that your turkey is fully thawed before placing it into the turkey fryer. You will know whether your turkey is thawed enough for frying by identifying the pounds of your turkey. It takes 24 hours to thaw 5 pounds of turkey.

To prevent an oil fryer from occurring on your deck or gazebo, never overfill the fryer with oil. It only takes a major oil spill over to engulf your entire deck/ gazebo or home.

The following are accessories you will need to safely deep-fry your turkey:

  • A reliable turkey fryer

  • Oven mitts / insulated pot holders

  • All purpose fire extinguisher

  • Wear safety goggles

  • Wear long sleeves and pants

To safely deep fry a turkey, you should have to put your home property or physical health at risk. If it’s raining or snowing, set up a tarp to shield your fryer.

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