What to Look for in a Fence Warranty

What to Look for in a Fence Warranty

When shopping for the perfect fence, don’t forget the importance of the warranty.

When shopping for a brand new fence, you may forget completely about the warranty that comes with it. It is easy to get excited and focus more on the design aspect and how well it will suit your backyard lifestyle. However, a fence warranty is a necessary part of your purchase, boosting your confidence in the product and the installer long-term.

Why Is a Warranty Important?

Before discussing the various aspects of a decent fence warranty, it may help to highlight why it is so crucial. As mentioned above, a warranty helps the purchaser know that it is an investment he can trust for a long time. Should anything happen to it due to the manufacturer or installer’s carelessness, the homeowner can trust that he won’t have to pay twice for the product. If something goes wrong, the warranty will cover the costs.

What Goes into a Fence Warranty?

A fence warranty includes several components. For example, it covers applicable repair costs for a certain length of time. Fence warranties cover from ten years to a lifetime. If you think you may move out during the warranty period, look for one that can easily transfer to the next homeowner. 

Another factor in the warranty is whether it is prorated or not. If it is prorated, then the compensation you receive for repairs will vary by percentages, depending on the number of years that have passed since the installation. If it is non-prorated, you will receive 100% compensation for the repairs. Obviously, you’ll want to find a non-prorated fence warranty.

If something happens to your fence, the company will not necessarily cover it. Your warranty will explain what it covers and what it doesn’t. In general, it is only meant to reimburse the homeowner for a poor-quality product, poor installation, or accidental damage during installation. If you neglect your fence over the years and do not maintain it according to the company’s guidelines, they won’t pay for your broken-down border. Likewise, a fence warranty will not cover abuse, accidental damage, vandalism, or damage from the weather.

When choosing a warranty, read every line and make sure you understand it before going ahead with your purchase. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence would be happy to answer any questions you have about their warranties as well as your fence and decking needs!

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