Winter Care for Your Vinyl Deck

Winter Care for Your Vinyl Deck

Prepare your vinyl deck for the winter with these easy steps!

Caring for your vinyl deck as winter approaches can make a significant difference in how you can enjoy it again when warmer months return. In Maryland, the chance of snow each winter varies from year to year, so there may be room to enjoy the deck longer than in some snowier regions. Even so, there are a few easy steps that one should practice each year when preparing a vinyl deck for winter.


If you do not intend to use your deck during the winter, store away your patio furniture or cover it securely. As long as the area is dry and guarded against the elements, your patio furniture will do well. A garage, shed, or indoor space is a great choice. Alternatively, heavy-duty covers can protect the outdoor seating from the snow and the wind. Covers are best for furniture not made of wood; wood and wicker should go indoors to avoid water damage. All-weather furniture is also on the market; even so, it wouldn’t hurt to have covers for these too to keep dirt and debris off of them. Whether you decide to store or cover your outdoor furniture, at least clear them away temporarily to accomplish this next step.


The seasons will leave your vinyl deck with some leaves and dirt on it. Not cleaning these off can allow the vinyl to absorb the dirt and have permanent stains and weakened quality. First, sweep off any loose debris from the deck. Then, wash with some mild dish detergent or a vinyl cleaning product. Wash off the chemicals thoroughly, either with a hose or a power washer, to avoid chemical stains in the vinyl. Never use abrasive cleaning solutions or metal scrubbers, as they may scratch the deck’s surface.

Clear Again

As temperatures regularly drop below freezing, ice may form on the vinyl deck. Many typical deicers like rock salt, kitty litter, and ice-melting chemicals are safe for vinyl. Avoid color-dyed ones, though, as they could stain the deck. When shoveling snow off your vinyl deck, never use metal or sharp-edged shovels or tools to avoid damaging it. A plastic shovel is the best way to go. Then, feel free to enjoy your deck during the winter, perhaps with some hot chocolate!

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