Winter: An Ideal Time for Fence Installation

Winter: An Ideal Time for Fence Installation

The winter may be the best time for you to install your new fence. Here is why.

Everyone knows how beneficial a fenced-in yard can be. A fence offers security, privacy, and a definition to your property line. With a fenced yard, you can be more at ease knowing your children and pets cannot roam out-of-bounds so easily. Meanwhile, you don’t have to wait until the spring to get that fence installation. In fact, the time is now. There are several reasons why winter makes for the ideal time of year for fence installation.

Lower Installation Cost

Fence & deck businesses run year-round. However, business usually slows some during the cold months. People don’t want to go outside, and also incorrectly believe that all outdoor work should be done when the weather is warm. While it may be harder to attend to landscaping during these months, it is the prime time to install fencing and other hardscapes. Businesses may offer discounts during the slow season of which you may not be aware. With Maryland winters, installation may not be any more or less difficult than it might in spring.

Get Your Fence Sooner

Another advantage that slower business in winter brings is faster results. In a busier season, you might have to wait longer until the fence installers can come to your home. When there aren’t as many orders, they can come over sooner. Then, you can move on to other outdoor projects.

Dormant Landscaping

Getting a fence installation in winter has a fundamentally practical side to it as well. In the winter, there isn’t as much foliage. While plants are dormant, the bare bones of the land are more defined, making it much easier to work on hardscape projects like new fencing. You won’t have to risk damage to your blooming, sprouting plants in the hard work of the installation.

Spread Out the To-Do List

Lastly, if you have a few items on your to-do list you want to accomplish this year, why wait until spring to get started? You can spread out your tasks throughout the year to avoid a hectic spring or fall. Don’t let the chill fool you; winter is a great time to get started for the reasons mentioned above. With a fence installation complete, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy spring. 

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