Fire Pit Safety and Design on Deck

Fire Pit Safety and Design on Deck

Thinking of adding a fire pit to your deck? Here’s what you’ll need to consider.

In the summer, fire pits are fantastic for gathering around outdoors and making some smores without traveling to a campsite. In the winter, they make Maryland’s chilly weather something to look forward to. If you own a backyard deck or plan to build one, a fire pit can add tremendously to the quality of the space. However, you will have to make sure to follow some guidelines for safety and design.

Give It Space

Your area may likely have rules on the placement of your outdoor fire. Typically, you do not want to put your fire pit closer than 20 feet to the house. Keep the fire pit away from the house, the deck railings, and any other flammable objects on deck. Considering how hot a fire gets, keep in mind that you want a radius of at least 3 feet of space between the fire pit and the seating. It is best to map out your deck layout when determining where the best placement may be.

Consider the View

Besides keeping the design safe, you also want to make it scenic. Are you situated on a property with a view? What kind of views do you have? Situate the fire pit and seating in a way that you can enjoy the scenery from the best angles, whether it is daytime or evening.

Keep It Clean

Another safety measure that is essential to keeping your house and deck from incinerating is to keep the deck and the fire pit clean. Dry matter like leaves, pine needles, acorn shells, and other debris on the deck can catch fire if an errant spark leaps from the fire. Clean the deck before lighting the fire. 

Likewise, remove the ashes from the fire pit after every use. Forbid that someone leaves them in the pit for days or months at a time. Ashes can blow and scatter in the wind, eroding your deck or other outdoor structures

Supervision and Mats

For any fire, whether inside the house or out, you must keep an eye on it at all times. Don’t leave a flame alone with children, either. In the case of a fire, design the space such that a water source is nearby. A garden hose or a large bucket of water will suffice. To keep your vinyl or wooden deck safe from the heat of the pit, place a stone, paver, or heat-resistant mat underneath it. 

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