Benefits of an Outdoor Spiral Staircase

Benefits of an Outdoor Spiral Staircase

Should your deck have a spiral staircase? Here are its benefits.

A spiral staircase is often an item of luxury, but in some cases, it can be a necessity. This is true especially for backyard decks or office decks on a small property. An outdoor spiral staircase, however, does have plenty of benefits to offer.


An outdoor spiral staircase saves a lot more space than other forms of deck stairs. Depending on the size of a deck, its stairs could be wide and make a statement. Optimally, any deck stair design should facilitate traffic to and from the building and the land below. On a limited property lot, a spiral staircase may be the only option. Even so, it could also help you save space if your plans for the yard require as much square footage as possible. Some say that these space-saving stairs are more flexible in terms of placement, but ideally, the stairs should be as close to the door as possible for the easiest traffic flow. You don’t want to weave in between a set of outdoor furniture just to get inside!

Durable Material

Another benefit of outdoor spiral staircases is that they are highly durable. They are made from aluminum or steel, the same material used for high-security fencing. Aluminum and steel both out-do wrought iron, as both are highly durable and both need little maintenance. Neither one will rust or rot. However, it does not hurt to clean the dirt off of it and inspect it at least once a year. 

Many Style Options

Lastly, while your outdoor spiral staircase will be in-and-of-itself a highly stylish addition to your property, it also comes in countless style options. For example, the staircase railings can consist of different materials, including wood. You can also paint it whatever color you like, whether that’s bright blue and green or a standard black. There are different ways to accessorize the stairs too, such as using lights or gates to add safety. If you are ready to look into adding a spiral staircase to your deck, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence in Gambrills, Maryland!

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