Building a Fence: DIY or Pro?

Building a Fence: DIY or Pro?

DIY or pro? Here’s what to consider for each fence installation route.

A fence is a great investment for the curb appeal and value of your home. Part of the expense of a fence is the material, but part of it is installation, which is why many homeowners opt to DIY building a fence instead of having one professionally installed. Even so, both ways have their pros and cons. Which is right for you?

Pros of DIY

The main pro of DIYing a fence project is that you could potentially save money. Another pro of building a fence yourself is that you can completely customize it. Finally, for some people, the real value of DIYing a project like this is the sense of pride that comes from completing it all on your own.  

Pros of A Professional

The biggest pro of a professional is that you don’t have to devote your own time to the project. Another pro is that hiring a professional to install it guarantees it will be done correctly, avoiding common problems. You can avoid the issues of it not being sturdy enough or potentially causing damage in the long-run. Moreover, a professional can do the job more quickly than you could yourself. Even if he doesn’t have a crew – which he likely will – he has the experience to do the job more efficiently than you (a novice) would be able to.

Cons of DIY

It is easy to say that when you DIY a project you’re not paying for installation, but that’s not really true. Your time has value, and you should take that into account when calculating cost. Additionally, you have to take time not just to install the fence, but to learn how to install the fence. Overall, it will likely cost you more to do it yourself once you calculate how much of your own time you’re spending on the project. Another potential con of DIYing this type of project is that it will likely require a permit, and you will need to know about where your property lines are. These factors can complicate an installation in ways you’re not prepared for. 

Cons of A Professional

The biggest con of using a professional is that there is a cost involved that is easy to see and quantify. It can be jarring and off-putting to see that whole, sometimes large, number on the estimate. Finally, the other con of using a professional is that it is a lost opportunity to learn a new skill as you challenge yourself with a DIY project. 

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