Pergolas and Gazebos: Pros and Cons

Pergola and Gazebos: Pros and Cons

Pergola or gazebo? Which outdoor structure would you prefer?

If there is anything that’s convenient for spending time outdoors, it’s shade. If you think some extra shade might be welcome in your backyard, you can look to Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence for inspiration and solutions. Located in Gambrills, Maryland, they carry elegant vinyl pergolas and gazebos. The question is, which is right for your property and needs? Here are the pros and cons of both pergolas and gazebos.

Pergola Pros and Cons

A pergola is an outdoor structure with four columns and a slatted roof. One can enjoy both shade and sunshine under it, depending on the time of day. It establishes an outdoor room that is still open to the rest of the landscape.

Pergolas are generally less expensive and make an easy DIY project. In fact, Mid-Atlantic sells DIY pergola kits. Because wood pergolas require more maintenance, Mid-Atlantic offers vinyl ones, which last longer and generally need an annual wash to keep them looking sharp. Because of the lack of walls, pergolas are more flexible when it comes to outdoor furnishings. If there’s a patio furniture set you’d love to own, a pergola can easily accommodate it. Because of its slatted roofing, plant lovers can train vines like wisteria, trumpet vine, and honeysuckle up and over the structure.

On the other hand, vinyl pergolas are more expensive than the wood versions. While the maintenance is minimal, a pergola may also turn off some homebuyers who do not want this type of permanent structure. Meanwhile, if you want to avoid the sun altogether or have many trees, a solid roof may be a better choice.

Gazebo Pros and Cons

A gazebo is a covered structure with wrap-around railing and flooring. It can have multiple angles, but often are octagonal. They can also have built-in seating around the interior.

Gazebos have similar benefits as pergolas have. They offer shade from the sun, with the bonus of shelter from the rain. They are aesthetically-pleasing from every angle, and one can hang planters around it too. Gazebos make great spots for either relaxing or dining. One can install a wire mesh to keep out bugs as well.

Depending on the material, they will need more or less maintenance. Over time, the roof can weaken and collapse, especially in a fierce storm. They are also pricier than pergolas, and their construction is best left to professionals. Even so, a gazebo is a beautiful and practical outdoor structure.

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