Ways to Celebrate July 4th at Home

Ways to Celebrate July 4th at Home

Have a Happy Fourth in your own backyard with family and friends!

Everyone is gearing up to enjoy a great Fourth of July weekend. Nothing can put a stop to celebrations, not even the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, in Maryland, restrictions are lightening up, and there is more room for fun once again. No matter if you entertain a small throng or keep it simple, there is much to do when you celebrate July 4th at home.

S’mores and More

When there’s a celebration, there’s a feast. If you are going to celebrate July 4th, food must be involved. There is something nostalgic and classically American about cooking on the grill or roasting marshmallows over the fire. Preparing food outdoors is in itself special as well. If you have anything from a well-built fire pit to a stately outdoor kitchen, you are set. All you need is the ingredients for a scrumptious feast.

Go Camping

Another classic American experience is camping. At home, you can turn your backyard into a campground, eating outdoors and watching the stars. It’s the best way to live off the land while keeping close to home. If it rains, take the sleeping bags indoors. If you have a screened porch, you have an excellent indoor solution.

Watch a Movie (or Two)

Whether outdoors or indoors, watching movies is a fantastic way to celebrate July 4th and relax. You can vote on your favorite or let one person decide. Alternatively, you can create a watchlist and enjoy several. 

Remember History

Besides watching movies, you can use your screen to commemorate American history through virtual tours, online quizzes and games, etc. If you are the TV-watching kind, you can always continue your tradition of enjoying a Fourth celebration show or marathon. 

Invite Friends and Family

Maryland allows gatherings of up to ten people on residential properties since the stay at home order was lifted in May. If you and your friends and family feel comfortable, you are free to gather. During a holiday, what better way is there to celebrate it other than in community? 

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