Outdoor Lighting for Your Backyard

Outdoor Lighting for Your Backyard

Need to light up your backyard? Check out these great outdoor lighting ideas!

The backyard isn’t just for daylight hours. This summer and fall, you can enjoy your backyard for longer hours, enjoying the warm summer and cool fall evenings for more social time outdoors. How can you make it happen? Outdoor lighting for your backyard is the answer.

Deck Lighting

If you have a backyard deck or are planning to build a new deck, it won’t be complete without deck lighting. Lighting features for decks come in all kinds, but generally are categorized into lighting for stairs, posts, post caps, or flooring. Deck lighting is usually low voltage, but solar lights have become more popular. One must keep in mind that solar lights will need replacing once in a while due to frequent charging and recharging. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence in Maryland will accommodate other deck lighting requirements for grill stations, planter boxes, or deck seating also.

Pergola Lighting

One can also light up the pergola. Whether your beautiful white vinyl pergola sits on the deck, by the swimming pool, or in the middle of the lawn, you can make it all the more magical by adding sconce lighting, string lights, etc. A pergola establishes an outdoor living zone under which one can lounge or dine in partial shade. Why not extend the hours by adding some ambient light?

Fire Pit

Aside from electric or solar lights, one can also put a fire pit under the pergola. Naturally, you can also place a fire pit on the patio or deck. If you plan on spending extensive time in the backyard, you will find a fire pit to be a great asset. Not only does it light up the backyard, it also provides warmth in the fall and winter and encourages relaxation and sociableness. If you plan on having your fire pit on the deck, it is best to use a fire mat underneath it. Never place it too close to flammable objects or leave it unattended. If you are ready for some deck additions, a deck installation, or another outdoor feature installation, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence!

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