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Tips for Using a Fire Pit on a Deck

Tips for Using a Fire Pit on a Deck

Enjoy the end of summer and the fall with a safe fire pit experience on deck!

Whether it’s summer or fall, most everyone enjoys sitting around an outdoor fire pit roasting marshmallows and enjoying the warmth. No matter the season, it’s not too late to add one to your outdoor living space. If you plan to use a fire pit on a deck, you will need to take several safety measures beforehand to have a great time. 

Choose the Best Type of Fire Pit

There are several types of fire pits one can purchase.

  • Wood-burning: A wood-burning fire pit can be safe for a wood or vinyl deck as long as all safety measures are in place. It has a greater capacity to emit sparks and reach high temperatures.
  • Propane: Propane is a highly-flammable material that some fire pit models use to provide portable, safe, fire pit fuel. Some allow for hidden, remote propane tank storage.
  • Natural gas: Natural gas is another good option, but is more typical for permanent fire pit fixtures with the gas line connecting to that of the house.
  • Gel-burning: Ethanol gel is a clean-burning fuel that does not reach incredibly high temperatures. Gel-burning fire pits come in different sizes and are optimal for smaller decks and spaces.

Position the Fire Pit

A fire pit should always have plenty of room around and above it. Never place a fire pit below any equipment like an awning, umbrella, gazebo, pergola, etc., but let it have access to the open sky. Your local area may have laws concerning the placement of your fire pit in proximity to flammable objects. In general, one should keep the fire about 10 feet away from any flammable structure, such as the house, the deck railing, outdoor furniture, and plants. It is best to keep a reasonable distance from the fire yourself; although it may be common sense, it is wiser to give the flames room rather than tempt fate.

Add Protection

Especially if you have a wood-burning fire pit on a deck, make sure to add a protective mat underneath it. A platform of concrete, stone, brick, or tile can also work well. This layer will guard against sparks hitting and heat scorching the deck. Also, keep the spark guard over your wood-burning fire pit for better safety.

Use During Calm Weather

Avoid using the fire pit on a deck when it’s windy. Strong winds can cause the flames and sparks to reach farther than ideal, potentially hitting the house or yard and starting a fire. For more information about installing a fire pit on a deck, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence!

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