4 Common Wood Fence Problems

4 Common Wood Fence Problems

Watch out for these common wood fence problems!

Wood fences are a popular choice for Maryland homes; they are the only natural, relatively-inexpensive fencing material on the market and are beautiful to behold. On the other hand, they are also well-known for their tendency to have more problems than different types of fencing. Wood fences require higher maintenance. Below are four common wood fence problems to look out for.

Leaning Fence

A leaning fence indicates that either a section or the entire fence will need replacing. Determine the cause of the leaning first. Common causes include high winds, soil erosion, and weak fence posts. If a storm has damaged your fence, the structure itself may still be intact enough to put it upright again. If it is a soil problem, you may need to call a landscaper who can help with grading, drainage, etc. to avoid wood fence rot. Meanwhile, if the fence posts are weakened, you can add steel splints or metal braces to give them strength.

Mildewed Fence

If you live in a humid, hot climate like Maryland, your wood fence will likely face mildew, mold, and fungus growth. With a bleach and water mix, you can scrub down your fence and scrape off those stains and growths. An easier solution, though, could be to rent a powerwasher. Remember to avoid setting the pressure too high lest you incur wood damage and stand the appropriate distance from the fence when operating.

Rotting or Insect-Damaged Fence

Whatever part of your fence that has rot or insect damage will need to be replaced. If it has affected your entire fence, the whole thing will unfortunately have to go. Staining your fence every few years will prevent rot and insect damage, sealing it from the elements. A solid stain especially protects it from the sun’s UV rays. If you suspect you have termites on your property, address the problem to stop or prevent damage to your house.

Sagging Gate

All parts of the fence are prone to sagging over time, but the gate is one of the most notable. To find the cause of the sagging, look at the post to which it is attached and its hinges, rails, and stiles. After fixing the issue, clean and stain the gate to protect it from the elements.

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