Keep Your Deck Cool in Summer

Keep Your Deck Cool in Summer

Keep cool on your deck this summer with these deck characteristics.

Maryland is getting into summer once again, and that means pulling the stops to keep cool. Outdoor living is best enjoyed in these warm months, but keeping cool is also a priority. If you have a backyard deck or intend to install one, here are some ways you can keep your deck cool in summer.

Deck Material

Your deck’s material can affect how hot or cool your platform is. Wood stays the coolest in direct sunlight, followed by composite, followed by vinyl. A deck that contains some element of wood in it will naturally stay cooler than all-plastic decks. However, one should consider all the factors of wood, composite, and vinyl rather than looking at this aspect alone.

Cool Colors

Light colors reflect heat while dark colors absorb it. This scientific principle can help you keep your deck cool this summer while remaining stylish. A light-colored wood or composite deck could be ideal, but vinyl decking often comes in white, the coolest color of all. Once again, your deck’s color should first complement your house rather than primarily be a lower temperature.

Shade Features

If a rich, wood stain suits your deck best, there are still plenty of ways to keep it from hurting your feet and, moreover, protect your head. Adding shade to your deck will allow you to enjoy the deck more fully, no matter how bright the sun is. 

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has several beautiful deck additions to offer, including pergolas, gazebos, pagodas, and screened porches. Some customers include a ceiling fan with their gazebo, pagoda, or screened porch. Any of these features can sit on one end of the deck, providing both fun sun and shade retreats.

Light-Colored Furniture

Another tip is to buy light-colored furniture, once again taking from the principle of heat absorption. On a deck, one is free to enjoy an outdoor dining set, a lounge set, a bistro set, etc.!


Lastly, one must remember that keeping oneself cool is the ultimate goal. The final way to keep your deck cool in summer is to have refreshments on hand. An outdoor kitchen or a simple ice bucket can give you ice-cold drinks when you need one.

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