Winter Care for Your Wood Deck

Winter Care for Your Wood Deck

Keep your wood deck looking great year-round with these winter care tips!

Winter snows tend to catch us Marylanders a little by surprise. We stock up and ready ourselves to hunker down until the snow melts away again. When snow comes so infrequently, it can be hard to remember all the tasks to do to prepare for it and handle it. One such area is what to do with our outdoor spaces. Houses with a wood deck need specific care in order to prevail in the weather. If you wish to help your wood deck stay in its best condition for the longest, check out these simple winter care tips.

Deicers and Your Wood Deck

Although deicers are popular for keeping paths clear on many surfaces, some may not be healthy for your wood deck. Sand is abrasive, able to literally “sand down” your deck. Calcium and salt tend to dry out materials, and chemicals could be iffy. The real concern is whether your deck is treated or not. Putting deicers on untreated wood will be most prone to damage. 

Shoveling Snow

If you need to shovel a path from the backdoor to your deck stairs or to your grill, or you want to lighten the load off your deck, be sure to use either a plastic or a rubber-edged shovel. One should not use a metal shovel, as it could damage the wood and uproot nails or screws. Shovel along the plank lengths to go with the wood grain.


Usually in the spring or the fall, you’ll want to give your wood deck a good clean. One can take a pressure washer to it. A simple chemical solution using ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, Oxiclean, or a commercial deck cleaner can help to get tough stains out of the wood. You’ll be glad to do the job, since leaving dirt and debris on the deck can be messy and deteriorate the wood over time.


Sealing is the best way to protect your deck against the harshness of winter, spring, summer, and fall. It will protect the wood against deicing chemicals, UV rays, water damage, insects, and grime. Without it, all of these hazards can seep into the wood itself. One should seal the deck once every 2-3 years.

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