Fence Replacement Etiquette Tips

Fence Replacement Etiquette Tips

Make sure to follow the right fence etiquette when replacing your fence this spring!

There comes a time when every property needs a fence replacement, and what more popular time to do it than in the spring? It may be snowy in Maryland right now, but spring is coming soon, and with it, the opportunity to tackle your spring projects. Before replacing your entire fence, however, one should be aware of fence replacement etiquette.

Know the Property Lines

Knowing the property lines is essential and cannot be overstated. You should have received the paperwork disclosing this information when you bought the house. When you know the lines, you can tell who the fence really belongs to. If it’s on your property, it is naturally yours, but some fences may be shared. Keeping this information crystal clear can help you navigate this process much more smoothly.

Know the Local Laws

Local laws might have rules concerning what kind of fence you can have, how high it can be, and what color it can be. It’s best to be familiar with these rules. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence is familiar with Maryland’s local fencing rules and can help steer you in the right direction.

Choose a Tasteful Fence

The next step is to choose your fence. Today, you have multiple options that all have excellent quality, including wood, composite, vinyl, steel, and aluminum. Suburban and rural areas will more likely have one of the first three options. In close quarters, you’ll likely want to opt for either a privacy fence or a picket fence, although some choose split-rail.

Determine Who Pays

If the fence is on your property, you’ll naturally pay for the entire thing. However, if it sits on the same line as the other property’s, you can perhaps negotiate to share the payment. You’ll of course need to discuss with your neighbor whether this idea is viable for them or not. 

Discuss with the Neighbors

It doesn’t hurt to inform your neighbors that you’ll be putting up a new fence. Your fence may change the style of the property, or be right up against their fence. If you think the change is significant, give them a heads up and ask if it’s okay to go ahead. If you suggest sharing the fence installation price, tell them who you are planning to contract for the job. 

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