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Attached or Detached Deck?

Attached or Detached Deck?

Before building a deck, one must ask, “Attached or detached deck?”

A new deck offers many benefits. It’s a platform to enjoy the weather, a place to entertain, and a feature boosting property value. Before choosing deck patterns, deck furnishings, deck railings, and more, one must first think about its structural integrity. The last thing you need is to end up on the news for a collapsed deck incident. To ensure safety before anything else, see whether your house needs an attached or detached deck.

Attached Deck: Pros and Cons

Attached decks are more common, especially for homes that are older than ten years. This type does not fuse deck beams into the side of the house but attaches via a ledger board. If the house includes a solid ban board within its construction, a deck builder can bolt a ledger board to it and then the deck to that. 

The advantage of this design is that the deck borrows stability from the house and requires less labor, materials, and cost. However, if the attachment is incorrectly done, one will eventually end up with a disaster. Countless homeowner stories tell of water damage to the house and basement and of collapsing decks. If the ledger board is not sealed properly and doesn’t allow for drainage, it will eventually rot and cause the structure to fall away from the house.

Detached Deck: Pros and Cons

Attached decks, when installed properly, are stable structures, but detached decks are also common and perhaps becoming more so. A detached deck can stand anywhere: next to the pool, in an open space, or, most often, next to the house. Instead of connecting to the house through a ledger board, it uses at least one back beam for support. 

The downsides to the detached deck (also known as a freestanding deck,) are that it is more expensive and can eventually drift away from the house over time. If it has poor installation, it may sag or become unlevel. 

On the other hand, an experienced home improvement professional can reliably build either model. With a detached deck, you can have a sound platform without the risk of rot and water damage. In some Maryland counties, like Prince George’s County, a back beam is required for all decks. If you’re looking to get a new deck, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence is here to help.

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