Concealed Drainage Systems for Decks

Outdoor living areas are a great selling point for a home and allow homeowners and guests to enjoy the outdoors whenever they want.  However, rainy weather will deter the use of the outdoor living space. Most homeowners do not realize there is an option to prevent rain water from interfering with their outdoor living space. By using a deck-drainage system, rain water will be deflected and led to a gutter and away from your patio or other outdoor living area.

Concealed Deck Draining Systems

There are two ways to manage a drainage system through your deck. One way is with a second-story deck. A drainage system can be built underneath of the deck to force water towards a gutter and away from the space. With this option, the draining system is installed about the deck joists when a new deck is installed. This will allow the framework to stay dry for as long as decades before ever getting wet, which will also help to increase the life of your deck. This option also allows for recessed can lights to be installed in the ceiling of your outdoor living space.

Another option is to retrofit panels made of vinyl or metal to the bottom of the deck joists.  A new deck is not needed for this option; the panels can be fitted to the existing deck joists. The finished ceiling and waterproofing becomes one thing when using this option.

At Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence, we know how convenient and enjoyable a dry outdoor living space can be for your home. For 27 years our teams of professionals have been serving the Baltimore, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, and Howard counties of Maryland with all of their outdoor living and deck needs. We know that being a resident of Maryland means dealing with interesting weather, including the occasional downpour, so concealed draining systems could be right for your outdoor living area!

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