How can I use a Screened Porch to keep cool this Summer?

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It is only early June and we are experiencing hot summer days. How do you plan on keeping your family and friends comfortable, cool and safe as the temperatures rise?  If you have been searching for cooling tips, you have come to the right place. We are here to provide you information on how you can take advantage of a screened porch to prevent heat exhaustion during hottest summer days.

Under no circumstance should you feel you need to keep a bucket  of water, rags, and a table fan by yourself just to enjoy time in your backyard during the summer. You can stay cool on hot summer days and hot nights by having a well designed screened porch build for your home.  Yes, a screened porch where it is safe for you to sleep without interruptions and cold sweats. A screened porch where you can entertain family and friends on the 4th of July and Labor Day.

This summer you won’t have to feel sorry for yourself. You won’t have to run inside on hot days because you’ll have the luxury of going into your custom screened porch.

A backyard screened porch is the perfect addition to any home because it keeps the air circulating during the hottest days of the year.  You have a ceiling fan installed for your screen porch, air conditioning or just allow the natural breeze to cool your porch. It is really up to you how you prefer to keep cool when using your screened porch.

You can serve breakfast, lunch and dinner right on your porch. You can schedule your family story times at night. The purpose of a custom screened porch is to add value to your home, to your lifestyle.

Mid Atlantic Deck & Fence is here to design and build a screened porch you can be proud to call your family room not just for the summer, but all year round. Furnish your screened porch with great patio furniture and it will surely become the happening spot of your home. Take a look at our flooring design to get

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