What Makes a Good Pool Fence?

What Makes a Good Pool Fence?

Need a new pool fence? Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can build one for your home or business.

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard or manage a local swimming pool, you need a fence that can meet its security requirements. Pool fences sometimes come in their own category, as they have very specific security needs. If you are wondering what exactly makes a good pool fence, here is your explanation, as seen below.

Adheres to Local Laws

Maryland and its counties may have specific laws regarding the design of a pool fence for residential and commercial applications. If you work with a reliable fence contractor like Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence, you can steer clear from breaking any rules regarding your new pool fence.

Made of Durable Material

A pool fence can be constructed out of practically any regular fence material. You can find any kind of pool fence, from wood to steel. All in all, the fence should be strong enough to take an impact without breaking or bending. You can find pool fences in wood, vinyl, composite, aluminum, steel, and mesh galvanized steel.

Is Impenetrable

The design of the fence must also make it impenetrable. You do not want kids or pets to be able to crawl under it or climb over it. The fence will have practically no gap between itself and the ground, and will be tall enough that no one can get over it. Its style will also help prevent people or animals from getting a foothold to climb overtop it.

Has Latching Gates

All fences have at least one gate, and the gate security is very important for a pool fence. Naturally, this entry and exit point needs to have enough security that not just anyone can get through. It must have a secure latch and the ability to lock.

Matches Your Home’s Style

Lastly, every pool fence has its style and color. A good pool fence will be both functional and beautiful to behold. At Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence, you can choose between many different styles of pool fences. We can assist in matching your fence with your property’s style. 

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