The Many Benefits of a Backyard Pavilion


A backyard pagoda, or pavilion, is a fantastic shade structure for many a Maryland backyard.

Outdoor living spaces are worth the investment. There is nothing quite like relaxing or entertaining outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight. In fine weather, spending time outdoors is simply refreshing. At Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence, you can find different outdoor living features. Aside from deck installations, we also offer pergolas, gazebos, screened porches, and pagodas. For the purposes of this blog, we shall refer to a pagoda as a pavilion. What are the benefits of a backyard pavilion? 

What Is a Backyard Pavilion?

A pagoda, or pavilion, is an outdoor structure with a solid roof and at least four solid supporting posts. Its roof often has shingles or tiles and is pyramidal in shape. Extended pavilions have hip roofs. In eastern cultures, you might see a pagoda instead. Despite different styles and names, this structure is a wonderful addition to many a Maryland backyard.

Benefits of a Backyard Pavilion

Shelter from the Sun & Rain

It can be nice to bask in the sunlight, but on Maryland’s hot summer days, you can easily become a target of strong UV light. If it rains, your furniture will get wet, and you will have to go indoors. You can cover your patio or deck with a pagoda. You could also locate the pagoda on one side of the patio or deck or in a separate area. Its solid roof will protect you from the weather.

A Low-Maintenance Outdoor Feature

Backyard pavilions are very solid, stable structures, rivaling the stoutness of gazebos and pergolas. All in all, you can find high-quality, long-lasting pagodas at Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence. When constructed of vinyl, you have an even more low-maintenance feature.

A Beautiful Outdoor Feature

Pavilions are also beautiful. They add an extra dimension to any backyard and are stately to behold. Some pagodas have a cupola to release hot air that rises and an ornamental copper weather vane on top. Their neutral white and gray coloration can blend in with practically any backyard design and still be a fantastic focal point.

An Entertainment Zone

Best of all the benefits of a backyard pavilion is its ability to be an entertainment zone. You automatically have a place to entertain in shade and out of rain. An outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition to add warmth on chilly days.

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