The Best Time of Year for Home Improvements

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Can you guess what one of the best times of year is for home improvement projects?

Do you notice that your home has a lot of renovation or repair needs? Home improvements almost never end. All things need maintenance, old things need replacing, and some things need changing as your needs change. They say there’s no time like the present to tackle your projects, but with busy lives, it’s important to prioritize. What’s the best time of year for home improvements in Maryland?

Fall: One of the Best Times of Year for Home Improvements

Autumn is one of the best times of the year, if not the best, to tackle home improvement projects indoors and outdoors. Not all projects are meant for fall, such as some landscape care, but plenty, such as repairs and replacements of fences and decks, are well-suited for the fall season. Why? We’ll go into that below.

Enjoy Cooler, Drier Weather

Autumn brings relief in Maryland after a couple of months of strong heat and high humidity. It is difficult to do much outdoors during this time, with most preferring to stay inside rather than sweat in the muggy heat. During fall, the air becomes much cooler and more temperate, making it a great time to work outdoors before winter comes.

Cooler, Softer Soil

The seasons also affect the soil, which matters when you are dealing with foundations, plants, etc. It helps to have cooler, softer soil when digging holes for fence posts or deck posts. The soil is still moist enough from the summer that it is not too wet and not too dusty.

A Break Between the Holidays

This time of year is also a sweet spot for tackling home improvement projects. It is after the summer vacations, after the school year starts up again, and before the multiple holidays at the end of the year, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. It is nice to have checked off your home improvement to-do list before settling down to celebrate the holidays.

Outdoor Exercise

If you are repairing your deck or fence yourself or even installing one yourself, it is a home improvement and exercise rolled into one! 

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