White Picket Fence in Grasonville, MD

White Picket Fence in Grasonville, MD

See our newest white vinyl picket fence in Grasonville, MD! Shout out to our expert team as always.

The white picket fence is a symbol of the American dream throughout at least the past century and continues to live in the back of American minds as such. You cannot escape the charm of this type of suburban property border. Picket fences have a longer history than meets the eye, but today’s technologies allow everyday homeowners to enjoy this iconic feature in their front or backyards. Recently, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence completed a white vinyl fence project in Grasonville, MD, on the Eastern Shore. Learn more and view the gallery below!

Why We Love the White Picket Fence

In the Old World, the French may have used picket-style fences not to grace their front yards but to protect military boundaries during battle. The colonists may have brought this concept over to their New World homes and installed a milder version. During this period and beyond, people preserved their wood picket fences with a cheap mix of lime and water, called whitewash. 

Culture took this everyday security feature and set it in the limelight as a symbol of American prosperity. Tom Sawyer whitewashing his Aunt Polly’s fence and scenes from 50’s movies and sitcoms placed this fence style among the well-to-do. Today, it continues to be just one of many great ways to add border security and boost curb appeal. 

The Advantage of Vinyl Picket Fences

Paint and solid white fence stains have replaced the whitewash of older picket fences. However, there is an even simpler option for homeowners looking for a minimal-maintenance fence. Vinyl fences have the color built into the material and do not need repainting or staining. They can last for decades and still retain their fresh white look. Because vinyl is flexible, you can have any picket fence style you’d like.

New White Picket Fence in Grasonville, MD

Below is a white vinyl picket fence that we recently completed in Grasonville on the Eastern Shore. It’s our Annapolitan-style picket fence, four feet tall, with 5×5 posts and Nantucket-style post caps. Even though it’s vinyl, it bears the look of an old-style wood fence. Mid-Atlantic fabricates all of our vinyl fencing styles right here at our 10,000 square foot facility located in Gambrills, MD. Once again, a big shout out to our estimator Mike Schenck and our awesome installation team. 

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