New Cedar Lattice Fence Installation

New Cedar Lattice Fence Installation

Take a look at one of our most recent projects: a new cedar lattice fence in Annapolis, MD! Big shout out to our expert installation team!

When you think of a backyard fence, you might think of a picket, a split-rail, or a privacy fence. However, lattice fences are exceptional for their beauty, charm, and practicality as an alternative to the privacy fence. Recently, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence completed a new cedar lattice fence installation in Annapolis, Maryland. We will here take a closer look at what a cedar lattice fence has to offer and what it looks like in action.

The Beauty of a Cedar Lattice Fence

Lattice Fence Materials

Wood is a common material for the construction of lattice fences, although vinyl is another popular choice. Among the wood options for lattice fences, cedar is the high-end choice. Unlike other types of wood, cedar is incredibly long-lasting and has natural oils that make it resistant to insect damage. Its beautiful scent and color complete the effect. Cedar fences do require some care, but hosing it down and staining it occasionally is usually enough.

Natural Ventilation

Privacy fences block out unsightly views and keep residential yards private. A lattice fence provides sufficient privacy, but it offers more than that. It allows the air in your yard to circulate and ventilate naturally. Your property might need this ventilation to promote healthy airflow and temperature control.

Adequate Privacy

As mentioned above, lattice fences are great as privacy fences. They do not provide total privacy like traditional styles do, but just enough that typically no one can see through them anyway. They are great for fencing in yards and screening off eyesores like condenser units and garbage cans.


Lattice fences do not come in one strict form; more often than not, there are ways to add ornamentation that can suit your property to a tee. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence is happy to help you build a fence that fits your yard perfectly.

New Cedar Lattice Fence Installation in Annapolis, MD

What does a new cedar fence installation look like? Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence presents a new cedar fence project featuring 6×6 pressure-treated wood posts with federal style post caps and western red cedar lattice panels set within cedar picture frame trim. We stood the panels vertically and attached them to the posts via these trims. We give a big shout out to our stellar team for another excellent job! 

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