Why Fences Make Good Neighbors

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“Good fences make good neighbors,” but why?

Are fences important? Suburban, rural, and urban homes have fences, but sometimes, you might ask yourself, “Why?” How much do they really matter? American poet Robert Frost certainly asked this question when he wrote the famous poem “Mending Wall.” Indeed, fences make good neighbors for many reasons.

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”

In “Mending Wall,” the narrator is rebuilding a fence with his neighbor, who shares a property line with him. It is their annual practice to mend the stone wall that is between them. The narrator questions why they do this; is there some danger that each property owner poses to the other? The neighbor only gives him the tried and true answer, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Is it true?

Why Fences Make Good Neighbors

Eliminate Border Disputes

Fences have practical benefits. For one, they eliminate border disputes. If the fence is on the property line as defined by the land surveyor, then there is no question about what land belongs to whom. 

Discourage Trespassing

It also discourages accidental and intentional trespassing. A private property sign on the fence further warns outsiders to stay outside the bounds. Why is trespassing a problem? You never know if someone passing through will practice illegal or destructive activities; the last thing you want is for crime or destruction to happen on your land.

Keep Kids & Pets Safe

Fences also keep children and pets within safe boundaries. Pets especially might run off and get lost; that is why it matters to have a fence if you want your dog to run freely in the yard. 

Secure Swimming Pools

Do you have a swimming pool? It’s the law to enclose it with a secure fence. No one should be able to climb over it or crawl under it. Otherwise, the pool is open to accidental drownings. 

Add Privacy

A fence can add comfort to an exposed property. A privacy fence is a perfect way to separate homes that are close together, so people can enjoy their backyards privately. 

Be a Good Neighbor with the Right Fence

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