Backyard Deck Ideas on a Budget

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Get the most out your deck on a budget with these budget-wise ideas.

A successful home improvement project starts with a reasonable budget. Even if you have a larger amount to work with, you will get the most out of your project if you save and only spend what you need. If you need backyard deck ideas on a budget, you can learn how to get the best deck for your buck here.

Wood Decks

Wood decks are the most affordable kind of deck available, especially if you use pressure-treated pine or even western red cedar. Pressure-treated pine lumber has a chemical treatment that helps preserve the wood against termites, mold, and UV light. Even so, you will have to sealcoat it every few years to keep it in good condition. 

Cedar has a natural resin that is insect-repellant, so you have less to worry about concerning termites, mold, etc. Again, cedar also needs maintenance, such as occasional sanding and staining.

Exotic hardwood is the most expensive type of lumber and may rival other decking materials like composite and vinyl. It is best to check how your pressure-treated pine or cedar deck cost might compare to a composite or vinyl one with an online calculator or estimate, just to be sure.

Square or Rectangular Decks

Non-custom decks have a standard size and are usually square or rectangular. They give you a quality platform that you will have to work with to create different zones, such as a grill station and seating area. They are naturally cheaper than a custom deck, which could wrap around your house or have a unique shape. 

A Deck Fit for Your Home

On the other hand, it might be more cost-effective to build a custom deck in the long term. A non-custom deck will work great if it suits your home. If a square or rectangular deck does not make the most of the real estate, then a custom deck will give you a higher ROI and a more enjoyable backyard.

Resurfaced Deck

Do you already have a deck and are enjoying it as it is? Perhaps deck resurfacing would be the best, most affordable solution. If your deck already has good bones, all it might need is deck board and rail replacements. That will save you a significant amount.

Additional Features

On more expensive decks, you will see built-in features like lighting, seating, planter boxes, and features like pergolas, arbors, gazebos, and screened porches. You can save by adding furniture, planters, etc. if they are cheaper than the built-ins.

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